SW/BT Repair & To Do List

Updates: DEC 01, 2022 – Patty

Kits to dye rugs
centerpiece SW coffeetable
More heath dinner plates 
Seedlings hydrotower 
Bring over more books for the library 
Get that JT card game for the house 

tile guy

All drinking glasses 
Coffee filter 
King fitted sheets 
Paper napkins

Replace checkout checklists
Update speed test and wifi info
Add wifi info to fridge 
Change label on papertowel cabinet 
Relabel handles in showers 
Xmas decorations 
Wet mop kitchen 
Felt wall hanging in WW needs to be rehung 
Put pack n play back together
Cover unhanging chairs need to be cleaned 
Clean pillow protectors
Diet WW has tear in seam – mend it 
Replace dried flowers
Grills? Deep clean 
Fix tassels WW 
Oil nightstands in WW
Clean up trash and egg shells outside 
Tell cleaners not to do anything w water near trash cans 
Replace fire pit chairs 
Need SW livingroon centerpiece w small succulent 
Adjust LR rug
Need better TV stand
Hanging chair unraveling
Dishwasher wheels need to be installed
Restock all drinking glasses 
Scuffs on master bedroom bedframe
Guitar filthy []BT – replace coffee filter 
Bring TV monitor into house 
Clean game drawer 
Somehow clean the teak credenza in SW,  it looks filthy  — how to do this?
Cut metal cages off plants 
Plant 2 big agaves 
New rug in gallery + plant?
Check all extra blankets and decorative pillows in house  – some look ratty 
Clean outdoor storage area and get rid rat droppings 

Multiple missing or broken outlet covers in SW – behind living room couch, behind master night stand, under bench in WW bedroom – probably more. Check whole house.
Kitchen trash cabinet broken – this is urgent 
Toilet seat in master loose
Door on wardrobe in one of bedrooms out of alignment and not shutting correctly
Wood pieces too big in wood shed – need to cut wood down
Is dryer in garage broken?
Fill in erosion around property 
Toilet in AS wobbles
SW – stacked washer/dryer keeps getting crooked. Straighten and put some kind of block in it so that it stops rotating and stays straight 
Cut hanging branch on JT down – need some kind of saw and ladder 
Get rid of gravel in the road
Add a garment rod in BT closet 
Some SW poplocks broken or need adjustments
Towel rod in powder room loose
Move 2 big agaves in pots to B1
Install horse shoe posts 
SW spa needs some repair that would take several days
SW bath plug not making tight seal – can’t fill up tub more than a few inches, so not really useable
screw sliding door closed on north end – livingroon
erosion near all slabs at SW
replace birch floorboard outside master shower – looks bad


WW shower light not working
Crows nest closet light not working
2 of 3 lights out in powder room – these take special bulbs?
2 lights above the bed in master bedroom are out 
2 Lights out above Patty’s desk in AS

Made in California with <3