Hello Hot Tub Time Machine! | Spirit Wind Joshua Tree

So, we finally got a hot tub for Spirit Wind! I’m super excited about it. It’s such a nice place to chill. It is a salt water tub that seats 6.

This is the temporary location of the hot tub, right off the main patio. We are eventually going to build a separate patio for the hot tub. In the meanwhile, the great thing about this location is the incredible 180 degree desert view. You can literally see for miles and miles… you can count endless Joshua trees,  you can see the mountains across the valley, the fake Afghani village on the military base, into Section 6 and the National Park. It’s a killer view.

AND… you can watch both the sunrise AND sunset from the hot tub. Sunrise hot tubbing is really magical. It’s really breathtaking to watch the earth wake up. Tip: Get up an hour earlier then the official sunrise time. You want to see the first light over the mountains which is probably about 45 minutes earlier. I think that first light is even more stunning than the actual sun rising above the crest of the mountains. Watch them both.


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