SW/BT Repair & To Do List

Updates: Jan 3rd – Patty

Bill & William —

More urgent:
buy new shop vac
hanging chair SW squeeky and needs to be oiled
Exhaust vent in kitchen VERY noisy
BT door trim loose and sharp at bottom
move  re install wood riser for trash can in BT laundry
relocate plants nursery to B1
move BT fridge (cord needs to be removed that fell behind it)
tighten chairs and towel bars and hooks all over house
BT kitchen baseboards need repair – loose and not resting properly
one of lights in SW powder room out – needs special bulb?
Remove unneeded wood posts neat shipping container
install new toilet seat SW master bedroom

SW Less urgent / long term – 
replace birth floorboard outside master shower – looks bad,
drywall downstairs closet BT
SW spa needs some repair that would take several days
Oil (2) wood benches in house
SW bath plug not making tight seal – can’t fill up tub
screw sliding door closed on north end
erosion near all slabs at SW

project manage grading project in RV area
replace lightbulbs SW – don’t match
schedule new window film appointment
order new toilet seat master
Get fire and Ice to clean splits

stain new SW diningroom table top
touch up paint kitchen cabinets and swamp cooler
remove paint splashed on bathroom tile 

Leroy or gardener:

add soil to tree w of SW
plant planter boxes driveway

knives need to be sharpened
schedule chimney inspection
replace labels SW master shower
get quote on new carpet for library
set up new composting system and train people on it
order new BT rug
glue Bt felt on bookcase
quote on concrete floor refinishing
winterize hydro gardens
need basket for yoga mats
replace WW bed pillows
improve crow’s nest
add label to bathroom shower
replace wallhanging above master toilet
replace livingroom rug
reorder HEATH ceramics + ramakins
pick up vacuums once ready

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